Your Photo

We offer different color finishes, as well as a vignette, for printed photos to best fit the theme and style you want. We will show you each finish on our computer before we print so you can decide which you like best! There is no additional fee for different color options. Then you get to select the best mat and frame to fit your antique style photo!


Digital photos are full color only. Printed photo options are Antique, Sepia, or Black & White (full color unavailable for prints).

Antique Color


The most popular choice and for good reason! Meant to immitate hand painted photos, it still shows off the wonderful colors of your costume, but has an aged feel.





This is the most authentic finish. One of the first photographic processes called a Van Dyke Brown resulted in a warm golden coffee coloring that we've replicated here. Beautiful and subtle.



Black & White


Black and white finishes are what we're used to seeing in old photos, especially old movies. This finish gives photos a nice contrasty "film noir" feel. It's perfect to increase drama.





Old photo equipment did not have the clarity our modern contraptions do, so old photos had a natural vignette, which gives them a nostalgic feel. We add it to give your image that same old timey look, as well as to draw attention to you, the hero of the story!