Sets & Styles


This is just a brief overview of the themes, backdrops and props. We love adding fun new things every year, be it costumes, scenes, accessories, or anything we find fun and exciting. Come see what's new!

Kizzar80215_MG_4531 copy.jpg
Barrels and Logs

This scene is terrific for so many photos! It is simple and Western making it perfect for almost any pose we offer or you can dream up. Anything from Hillbillies to Slick Sharpshooters will match this scene wonderfully.


Singles to large groups photograph beautifully against this rustic Colorado-esque background.

Traditional Victorian

If you are looking for authentic then you found it! The gauzy hand painted backdrop is based on ones found in antique photos. It's perfect for anyone looking to create a formal or antebellum scene


It is great for singles, families, couples and smaller groups who are in the mood for fancy.

Old West Saloon

By far our most decorative and popular offering! Any costume or scene idea works well against this backdrop. The bar was custom built for our studio based on originals found from Doc's time. Frilly dresses and top hats look just as great as the more risque corsets and rough rider chaps do against this scene.


Singles to medium size groupings looking for a fun and beautiful scene will love it!

Lott84001_MG_0365 copy FB.jpg
Antique Staircase


Our custom built replica staircase is so versatile we don't even know where to begin. It makes for a wonderful formal household scene, or can make a perfect brothel backdrop! We are so excited for this addition and have been getting so many wonderful shots against it.


It works well for small to large groups wanting that more modest mix between formal and Western.

Old Time Bricks


This is a wonderful option for Western or bandit/gangster scenes. It also works really well if you'd like to have an "outdoorsy" feel. It's so simple which makes it highly versatile. This is the scene where there are no distractions so all the focus will be on you. Simple is best!


The smallest to the largest groups photograph wonderfully against this tough and simple scene!



Our newest addition! Steampunk is amazing because it defies explanation. You can make it whatever you want! Classic movie examples of steampunk are Wild Wild West with Will Smith, or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Angelina Jolie.

Essentially it's a sci-fi take on old times where you can create the world you want.


Great for small to medium groups.

Bath Time!


Our most lighthearted option is definitely the bathtub! Don't worry! You'll still be wearing clothes and you won't get even a little wet. If you just want to let your hair down and have a good time, or if the idea of "dress up" doesn't quite sound like your cup of tea this is the perfect way to step back in time and still get a great old time photo.


We can fit up to two fun loving adults in the tub (we have two styles to pick from!). It is also perfect for adorable shots of little ones!



Let's not forget props either! Where do we even start? We have props to fit any story line or scene you want to create.


We have six-shooters, shot guns, handcuffs, bottles of Jack, beer mugs, playing cards, bags of cash, flowers, feathers fans, lace fans, parasols, umbrellas, sabers, canes, pipes, lassos, banjos, fiddles, bibles, books, gold bricks, lanterns, keys, and so on and so on and so on!

And More!

There are so many possibilities with all we have to offer you. We have a variety of tried and true poses and stories to choose from. We also love creating new ones so should you have something in mind we will help you bring it to life. We'll walk you through each step as you go back in time!