- FAQ -

Help! I need more than I bought in the studio!

Your photos are available for one month here. They are under the date then your group's last name. The zip code we were given will be the password. There are lots of fun products to choose from! Like playing cards, mugs, digital downloads, different sizes of prints, and more!

My download isn't working!

If you purchased a digital image in the studio please see our Download Instructions here. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you've tried following the instructions and are having trouble! If you bought a download on the website you will receive an email with a link to your download.

When are you available to take my picture?

We operate Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. Our hours are typically 11am to 7pm (subect to change and based on Glenwood Caverns hours). Off-season info here.

How long will a session take?

It depends. One person can be as quick as ten minutes while large groups can take over an hour. For two to four people I'd allow 20-40 minutes. Some styles take less time than others.

What goodies can I buy?

We sell 8x10s, 5x7s, and accompanying mats and frames in the studio. Our online store has a lot of fun options! Like playing cards, mugs, calendars, digital downloads, additional print sizes, and much much more!

How do I get to your studio?

We are in Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Here are directions to the base of the tram. Tickets must be purchased to ride the tram, pricing varies and is determined by the Adventure Park. Check here for more information.

How many people can we get in a photo?

The largest group we can photograph at this time is about 15 (give or take a few little ones).

Do I have to take clothes off?!

Women usually change their top, but we have costumes that can go on over a top as well. Don't worry we have dressing rooms! For men, only the bathtub scene and hillbilly outfit requires removing your shirt. Most children's costumes fit over their clothing, depending on what they have on.

Do you have anything that will fit me? What about my infant?

We have outfitted EVERYONE! Don't sweat it. There are sooo many costumes and they are all specially made to be as versatile as possible. Whether you're petite, pregnant, or have to duck through doorways we've got you covered.

Of course your little one can be in the picture too! We have some suuuper cute teensy tinsy little costumes. Just like adults, we can outfit him or her as formal or as western as you like!

Will I get my picture right away?

Yes! We upload your photos to our computer while you are changing back into your regular clothes so you can view them immediately. Our printers are high quality dye sublimation printers so they only take a few seconds to print. They also give photos a waterproof resilient coating!

Does the color of the costume matter? Isn't it Black & White?

We have three different color finishes that you can see here. Different photos lend themselves to different finishes, some need a hint of color while others look great in golden sepia tones. You will be able to preview them on the computer before we print your photo.

What does it cost? How does all that work?

Pricing varies by the amount of people. Sittings start at $29. We dress you to the nines, help you select your backrop and props, pose your group and guide you through the modeling process. We take a variety of shots to pick from and help you select the best. One free photo comes with the sitting. Additional items begin at $10. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, and cash (sorry, no checks).

And most importantly, can I hold a gun?

We have soooo many guns! Six shooters, shot guns, flint lock, lever action, muskets, dueling pistols....

But don't worry! All of our guns are replicas.