We offer a wide array of sizes, infant to 3X. Since we are located in an original old Western town our style of clothing is, for the most part, Western. We do however have a nice assortment of Victorian clothing as well as a helping of costumes from other eras. When we dress you up we do everything from your outfit to your accessories, however we do not offer hair styling or makeup.


The first choice is a full length dress, with styles ranging from Western to Southern Belle to Victorian. Or for a more dangerous look choose a corset with a skirt for a Saloon girl. We also offer two styles of cowgirl - a Western style skirt with a peasant blouse and cowboy hat for an Annie Oakley look, or a corset with chaps for a little more skin and attitude.


We have all the accessories to match whichever style you choose - hats, feathers, holsters, gloves, vests, boas, necklaces.... you name it!







Our costumes for men are very versatile. Choose from a rough outlaw, a proper gentleman, a cattle wrangler, the sharp shootin' sherriff, or a dashing Civil War soldier and more!


Men's costumes typically cover your normal modern clothes so you'll be transformed before you can say "yee-haw!" We then have anything you'd want to complete the look, like holsters for your gun, powder horns, bandanas, badges, and boots.

Little Ones


We have all sizes, infants to teens. Most children's clothing fits over modern clothes so it makes for easy on and off. Whether your little girl is a princess who loves lace or more of a tom boy who sees herself robbing stage coaches we can find her style. Or if your boy is a rough and tough sharp shooter or more of a classy upstanding gentleman with a top hat we can make his vision come true.


If she wants a dress that spins or he just really wants to hold a gun we can help you out. We have all the costumes, props and accessories to bring an alter ego to life.